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Health Research & Communication On Smart Phones

Simplicity - Reach - Effectiveness

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Effective surveys on mobile phones  reaching your audience on the go!

Digital surveys made to run on mobile phones is cost effective and eco friendly in addition you will get all the benefits a digital solution can offer. In order to make it easy and effective for your audience to respond we support your design and personalized use of colors, fonts and which resources best supports your needs. 

Healthcom assist you in setting up the dialogue which will provide you with the best possible results from your survey.

Our Services: 

SMS dialogue: Introduction and reminders, questions and answer alternatives, types, sequence, pages, number of questions, etc.

Guidance: How to increase respond rates, GDPR, efficient dialogue.

Reporting: Presenting your results routines or transferring to other applications. 

Survey plan: Setting the plan for your survey sent out, open close dates, schedule for reminders and feed back.

You can expect a significant higher response from our mobile surveys compared to traditional survey methods.

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Mobile Health Communication

Continuous follow up with patients - the mobile way. 

Since Healthcom was founded as a network company in 2005 our focus has been to create mobile IT solutions for modern health communication. Our services provides a new set of opportunities: 

Follow up made easy! Follow up on a program or treatment with questions on a regular basis. Healthcom ensures  that relevant data are collected regularly and reported into authorized systems.

In the past Healthcom made it possible to send medical notes directly from smart phone to Medical Health Record using a Cloud Solution, The National Health Net and National Standard Messaging Formats (KITH).

We also provided an Home Care Nursing  APP receiving schedules and task from Home Care Records and offering a full follow up support including nursing procedures, documentation schemes, messaging and more.

We believe in safe, easy to use, no hassle Healthcare Communication.

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Services Designed for GDPR

Healthcom solutions and routines have been developed and set up to handle sensitive data on behalf of our clients. 

Data is only stored on behalf of our clients and for a limited time where we conduct the survey.

Only data necessary for the task is uploaded and will be erased as soon as the survey has been conducted and the results are transferred to the authorized organization.

Healthcom solutions are designed for GDPR and we are ready to handle end user inquiries at any time. 

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